Recent Acquisitions


Gathered Grace - Shadab Jabbarpour

Iranian artist Shadab (Shadi) Jabbarpour creates deftly nuanced watercolor paintings that show an appreciation of nature at its finest. Jabbarpour previously painted portraits, but now prefers to work on intricate florals and serene, nature-driven pieces. She says her favorite subjects to portray are flowers, the sea and boats.

She holds a doctorate degree in Applied Linguistics and is an assistant professor and university faculty member. Jabbarpour began painting as a young child and eventually continued her education with “one of the greatest watercolor painters in Iran.” In addition to her faculty position, she teaches watercolor and acrylic classes.


February - Christine Comerford

Austin artist Christine Comerford creates exuberant, fantastical scenes infused with intricate patterns and explosions of brilliant color. The fairy tale-esque works appear buoyant and playful at first sight, but upon closer inspection reveal a deeper meaning.

Everyday objects turn into whimsical shapes that are exquisitely detailed, but reflect the passage of time and space. She seeks to represent states of metamorphosis through beautiful, thought-provoking images.

“My work has a theme of spaces that go on to another space or have objects that change into other objects,” she explains. Christine likes to experiment with vivid shades and stark contrast, blending colors until they resonate with each other. She often incorporates strong hues such as turquoise, emerald and coral into her pencil drawings. In Austin, her work has been displayed at the Spider House Café and Ballroom.