Allen Shean    BIO

Alan Shean

American artist Alan Shean was a prolific painter, storyboard artist and graphic designer. Born in New York, he spent much of his career in California where he painted and had a long career in television and film production. He is associated with a post painterly abstraction style, which favored openness as opposed to dense painting surfaces.

Shean’s paintings show influences from Modernism and Cubism. During the 1960s and 70s, Shean produced large abstract paintings, exploring non-representational colors, linear arcs and angles, many in muted tones. He received accolades for his work, including one painting made of 15 interchangeable metal strips. Married to a junior high art teacher, Shean exhibited in California and taught at the Pasadena Art Museum. He chose to leave many of his works untitled. Shean died in Santa Monica in 2002.