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Peter Kopecek

Peter Kopecek is an artist who includes painting, drawing, photography and woodworking among his creative pursuits. “Creating art makes me want to get up as early as I can,” he says. Kopecek has a drawing and two photographs on exhibit at The MAW Gallery.

Born in Vienna, Austria, Kopecek was raised in an artistic family. His father created fine leather goods, including beautiful matching sets of purses and shoes; his brother is a professional photographer and a sister and cousin excelled in fashion design. “Art is in my blood,” he says.  

Kopecek spent his youth in Vienna, graduating with a college degree in industrial sales. He moved to Austin in 1979. For almost four decades, he has enjoyed living and working in the Lone Star State’s capital.

He has put his design and artistic skills to good use in his primary role as a building contractor. “One of the first jobs I had in Austin was as a carpenter,” Kopecek explains. “From there, I got my feet wet in contracting.” Over the years, he has completed a wide range of projects, from the first home he built, a solid cedar abode in the Hill Country, to complex historical renovations.

Yet, he remains zealous about his art. “I love drawing and painting, and I am a very passionate photographer. From people to landscapes; it’s all fun,” he adds. He also enjoys working with wood, particularly exotic lumber, to build finely crafted tables, beds, chests of drawers and clocks.