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El Gato Chimney

Italian contemporary artist El Gato Chimney creates dramatic, surreal paintings inhabited by a psychedelic menagerie of hybrid creatures, floating body parts, religious symbols and other unexpected elements. Though he began his career in street art, his work has evolved inspired by his study of alchemy, magic, occultism, folklore and religious symbolism.

A common theme in El Gato Chimney’s work is the tension of duality, shown by subjects that are realistic and fantastic, beautiful and grotesque, and humorous but horrific. His technique and style have been compared to naturalist James John Audubon, but his depiction of abstract ideas and emotions is influenced by Hieronymus Bosch’s macabre and diabolical visualizations of hell. Through his paintings, the artist aims to make the viewer think and wonder. El Gato Chimney’s work has been shown worldwide. Currently, he lives and works in his home city, Milan.