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Hélène Oettingen

Stunning, glamorous and affluent, Helene Oettingen flourished in the avant-garde culture in Paris in the early 20th century. Born in 1887, Oettingen was the daughter of a Polish aristocrat. After a divorce, she made her way to Paris and became a part of the community of artists and writers. Oettingen initially painted traditional floral still lifes and landscapes, but after criticism from her artistic circle, she embraced a more avant-garde path inspired by Cubism. She became an independent artist whose work challenged traditional assumptions and was not easily categorized. Oettingen signed her works as Francois Angiboult. She also wrote novels and poetry under male pseudonyms. Oettingen organized soirees that brought together notable painters and writers of the era. She is said to have taught Russian to Picasso, and she was painted by Modigliani and Léopold Survage.