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Georges Spiro

Born in 1909 in Warsaw, Georges Spiro is well known for his Surrealist gouache paintings. He was self-taught and created dream-like imagery in fantastical, otherworldly settings. Spiro’s life was tragically marked by the rise of Hitler’s Nazi party. When Germany invaded Austria in 1938, Spiro, then a writer and publisher of a literary magazine in Vienna, was arrested. He later fled with his family to France. Spiro served in the French Army, but his wife died in a concentration camp. After the war, he reconnected with his brother, a Buchenwald concentration camp survivor, in London. There, Spiro began exhibiting his works at the L’Arcade Gallery. That success led to his fulltime career as an artist. He won awards and exhibited his work in England, France, Sweden, Canada and the U.S.