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Henri Nouveau

Born in 1901 in Austria-Hungary as Henrik Neuborn, Henri Nouveau was a man of many creative talents. He was a painter, sculptor, composer, pianist, writer and art theorist. Nouveau left a rich legacy, including more than 1,000 paintings and graphics, 50 chamber music pieces, art theory essays and literary narratives. As a child, Nouveau studied art and music with professional instructors. He had a deep appreciation for opera and attended the University of Music in Berlin. Upon graduation, he became an award-winning pianist and composer. At the same time, Nouveau indulged his passion for art, primarily painting smart format pictures of surrealistic figures. Later, influenced by art theorist and painter Hans Mattis-Teutsch, Nouveau focused on abstract representation. His most well known works are in the style of French surrealism. Nouveau’s work was exhibited in galleries across Europe. The artist died in 1959.