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Dorian Vallejo

Dorian Vallejo is a versatile representational artist who describes his work as “a type of romantic realism,” with “an optimistic, inquisitive, poetic response to life.” He is particularly known for his sensitive portrayal of feminine forms. A nationally sought after painter, who also does portraits, Vallejo’s work ranges from detailed pencil drawings to experimental mixed-media paintings

An ongoing theme in his art is the duality of emotion and consciousness, inspired by Joseph Campbell’s studies of the human psyche and symbolic interpretation. Vallejo is intrigued by the modern notion of the unconscious as the source of another realm--the moments when dreams and reality are blurred.
The son of two artists, Vallejo began drawing at a young age and received his first commission at 11. He attended the School of the Visual Arts in New York and began his career as an illustrator. He now lives and works in Easton, Pennsylvania. His book, Drawings Inspired by Life, is widely considered to be an exquisite, premier collection valued by artists and art lovers alike.