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Adriane Brown

Adriane Brown tracks her unique figurative style back to the innovative painters who inspire her, including Degas, Manet and Toulouse-Lautrec. These masters painted contemporary people, depicting the color and movement of real life.

“I have always been interested in figurative work,” Adriane says. “The study of figurative work lends well to portraiture.” Adriane has been painting since 1998. Early in her career, she began a series of colorful portraits, people and friends portrayed in contemporary life and everyday work situations – a florist, a bartender and a sculptor, among others, creating paintings with an almost pop aesthetic.

Today, she continues to excel at portraying people and the everyday articles that contribute to their identities. She begins by immersing herself in the subject’s world, visiting their personal spaces and taking extensive photographs. The resulting paintings showcase not just the individual, but personal objects that hold significance to them, small clues that hint at their personalities.

A formally trained artist, Adriane earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Oregon in Eugene where she exhibited her work regularly. She continued her studies at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. There, she earned her Master of Fine Arts degree and was selected to show two pieces in their prestigious juried spring show.

Upon graduation, she worked as an artist in San Francisco, completing commissioned traditional oil portraits. Adriane moved to Austin last year and enjoys its historical, urban environment. When not painting or working, she likes to explore her newly adopted city and find “cool, old buildings and nooks and crannies.”